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Residential Weed Control

Residential Weed Control Phoenix, Tucson
Burns’ residential weed control is guaranteed to eliminate your weed problem so you can spend more time with your family and friends.
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Commercial Weed Control

Commercial Weed Control Phoenix, Tucson
Our commercial weed control service is staffed by expert technicians for multi-family/apartment buildings and other types of commercial property.
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Weed Control Options

Weed Control Treatment Options Phoenix, Tucson
We offer a number of comprehensive weed control treatment options including annual, perennial and prepave weed control.
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Weed Control Phoenix, Tucson, AZ

Weed Extermination Phoenix, Tucson
At Burns Pest Elimination we take weed infestations very seriously. As a leading weed control specialist in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ, Burns is your one-stop weed elimination source. We will eliminate weeds from your home, apartment building or multi-family housing property. We are a locally owned, family business, and provide service Valleywide.

Call our experienced weed contol and removal technicians today at (602) 971-4782 (Phoenix) or (520) 399-7579 (Tucson) to learn how we can effectively remove weeds from your home or commercial business in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.

"It's definitely weed season. I tried pulling by hand but they kept coming back. Burns came out for my monthly pest elimination call and I mentioned my weed problem. They took care of my weeds right away. Had no idea they provided this service - very convenient!"

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